Ways To Cool Down Your French Bulldog

 Ways To Cool Down Your French Bulldog

You can make use of a damp towel for keeping your French bulldog cool in the summer season. It is a well-known fact that French dogs are prone to overheating due to the heat of the sun.

Use a wet towel

A wet towel makes it very important for the owners to try their level best to provide some kind of relaxation and comfort to the dogs in search season. A wet towel is able to do a lot of tricks. Place the towel on the ground and make your Frenchie dog lie on the wet towel. They will get a lot of comfort from it.

Let the running waterfall on their head and belly

In case of severe overheating, you can make use of the water. It is very important for you to understand that you cannot use freaking cold water for your French bulldog, as it might completely send them to a shock. You can open the tab and let the running waterfall on the head and back of your Frenchie dog. The water should be placed on the belly and head of the dog.   When water is poured on the belly of the dog, it helps in cooling them down at a much faster rate as there is not much fur there.

Splash some water

Remember those Sunny evenings when we used to splash water on our faces? Do you remember the feeling that we used to get from that splashing of the water? Yes, it is exactly the same feeling that the French bulldogs get when water is sprayed on the face in the scorching heat. It helps them in relaxing and ensuring that they do not overheats them. You can arrange for a small spray bottle and fill it with water which can be used every now and then for your Frenchie dog.  However, you need to be very careful while applying this method.

Cut out that extra hair

Summer is the best month to groom your French bulldog of any excess amount of hair. Although they do not have much hair like other dogs yet the extra hair needs to be cut out. The main reason is that it is because of this hair that the Frenchie dog gets more heated. You can do it yourself at house or go for a professional animal groomer. These people have magic in their hands and are able to make your dog all the mood cute and pretty. However, it is not advisable to take the help of professionals.

Go for a morning or evening walk

When you are taking your French bulldog for a walk makes sure that you take them only in the early morning hours or in the late evening. Try not to let your Frenchie dog is out on the road or in the park in the scorching heat as it might have a negative impact on the health. This will help in ensuring that the dogs are able to keep themselves healthy by walking and running and at the same time stay away from the heat. It requires a bit of discipline on the owner’s side as not everyone is used to getting up early in the morning.

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