The Egyptian and diamond slot machine themed

 The Egyptian and diamond slot machine themed

It might be quite impossible covering all the slot machine themes when playing situs judi slot online gampang jackpot but why not try the diamond themed and the Egyptian themed slot machines?

Diamond themed

There are so many diamond themed slot games available in the market and thus, very hard to cover all of them. The diamonds, the gold, the gems, they don’t normally just circle the reels but they tend to be featured in the titles as well.

While the cats are known to attract the attention for the way they are lovely, the diamond normally signal wealth and that is a better way for the players who are spinning especially for big money such as the jackpots.

The following are some of the few sparkling slot machines which are diamond themed:

  • The diamond duke
  • The DaVinci diamonds
  • The diamond empire
  • The frozen diamonds
  • The lucky diamonds
  • The knockouts diamonds

The Egyptian themed slots

The Cleopatra tends to be everywhere when it playing the slot machines. But for a majority of parts, she will always have her clothes on unlike in the theme of the Night in Cleo. Being the Queen of the Nile, it makes her to be one of the many slot machines Egyptian themed.  With the pyramids, the King Tut, Cleopatra and the hidden treasures, it makes the casino to dedicate a whole many slots to the Egyptian theme.

The following are some of the slot machine which are Egyptian themed that you can start on:

  • The shadow gods
  • The Egyptian cobra
  • The Cleopatra gold
  • The Alexandra city of fortune
  • The eye of ra

The Cygnus by the Elk studios tends to be one that you need to check out if you are out looking for a slot with an Egyptian theme which takes a different direction altogether.

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