Let us understand a Dedicated Server Better

 Let us understand a Dedicated Server Better

A dedicated server is just what you can understand from the name given to it. In a simple term, it means, a server that has been dedicated to the use of a website and will take care of its requirements. It is not like a shared server. You will be the only one using the resources, and it will have nothing shared or linked to any other website.

You can opt for a dedicated server solution at WeHaveServers.com. The providers will also ensure that you get your server gets set up as per the requirement of your business. You get to enjoy custom software options along with the hardware configuration of your choice too.

Why are dedicated servers so much in demand today?

·       Good control and high-end security

When you opt for a dedicated server, you need not worry about security anymore. This is one of the prime reasons why so many business owners have opted for this hosting solution amongst several other benefits. If you are linked to a regulated industry, then maintenance and taking care of data and details of customers is highly essential in your cased. Your dedicated server comes to your complete rescue as it will never be shared with any other website. You will never be obstructed with a malicious virus or attacks since all the security measures are top-notch uptight. If your work deals with data or transactions that need to get encrypted, then a dedicated server is what you need to settle for.

·       The different IP address for each server

This implies your website will be provided with an exclusive IP address. This will not be the case in the case of a shared hosting service. You stay free from getting spammed, bombarded by viruses, or malicious activities, at all times. Your applications will run placidly at all times, uninterrupted. This also determines your customer’s database will be safe too.

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