An Overview of the Costs Involved in Getting Married in Italy

 An Overview of the Costs Involved in Getting Married in Italy

Italy is a top destination choice for lovers looking to tie the knot. As a tourist hot-spot, it attracts people from all walks of life who hope to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of Italy on their wedding day. How much does it cost to have your dream wedding in Italy? That is the question this article aims to answer. We have created this guide for Individuals who want to have their wedding to serve as a price brochure and help guide them on the overall cost of a wedding.


Food is important in any event and its cost depends highly on the number of guests. The catering (catering matrimoni prezzi) for your wedding will include the wedding cake, and all other finger foods served at the event. For a moderate sized crowd of about 50-100 people, it will cost you about 5000-10,000 euros. It is advisable that you choose a balanced menu to give your guests a nice food selection.

Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photography will immortalize your joyous occasion for years to come. The cost of photography depends on the services you want for your occasion as extra add ons such as albums will add to your bill. The base cost of hiring a photographer costs around 1000-3000 euros.

Musical Entertainment

Music is the soul of any event as it is the heartbeat of your celebration. The cost of the musical entertainment for your event depends on the mode of entertainment you have chosen. The cost of hiring a DJ or Live band costs between 350-2000 euros. A mix of both options may cost you a bit more to make your choices based on your budget.

Civil and Religious Ceremony

The civil and religious ceremony fees are important if you want to have your wedding in Italy. The fees vary depending on your location as city centers cost more than outskirts. The ceremony and civil fee usually ranges between 250-800 euros and it is advisable to get a venue away from tourist hot-spots and city centers to reduce your costs.


In this guide, we have examined some key financial costs for people who want to get married in Italy.  Italy is a nice place to get married and there are many who dream of having their wedding at this location.  We hope this guide was helpful with your wedding plans.

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